Fly with me in my reverie

You're all I have here to hold


      Doesnt mean I aint got no fight now,
      just because I dont got a gun.

    Hoii, the name's Anna. I'm seventeen, and absolutely terrible at self-intros.
    So let's just list a few things about lame-o here......
    ..... just because I'm one of those terrible/lazy people whose eloquence doesn't come naturally, LOL (YEAH, YEAH. Send them grammar nazi after me why donchaa?)

    Procrastinates, agnostic, indolent, pessimistic, humourises her sad days LOL, cracks lame jokes, laughs at lame jokes, loves lame people, overly self-conscious sometimes, honest (i.e. I won't hide away my temperamental tendencies (hurhur)...if I'm not happy with you, then I'd probably openly show it), likes honesty, flimsy/indecisive, uncommitted, wasted aptitude (I'm dumbshiz nao HARHARHAR), non-complacent, regrets too easily, cries/laughs at the same time, despises pseudo-intellects, quite nice when she wants to be, blahblahblah to be continued, LOLLLL.

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