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13 June 2010 @ 06:41 pm
...with the Fullmetal Heart.

I'm wondering if it's possible for me to ever move on from FMA. I've only been with the series for 4 years out of the 9 years it has been running for...  But nevertheless-- it's been with me during the most memorable times of my life.
I seriously want to cry for not having sony vegas at the moment T___T. I really want to make a FMA tribute...
Maybe I'll colour a few pages from the last chapter (Just so that I have a little more than icons to contribute to the fandom; which can be found here: [info]timelessengage  )  - BEWARE OF SPOILERS; teasers:

(Please credit [info]voilee or [info]timelessengage if used! <3)

I have no idea when I'll get over FMA. And by getting over, I mean stop crying everytime I read the last chapter or sulk whenever I get reminded about FMA's ending. 
It's the only series that I've had an ongoing love for, so obviously it's not something I'll get over in a day. I'm sure others who have been with FMA for a long time, understands where I'm coming from...

But anyways, thanks Arakawa for everything you've given us FMA fans!

It's been an absolutely amazing ride from start to end. <33


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